Bob, Sweat and Tears

Bob Downe, Brisbane Powerhouse
Wednesday October 8 2014
Bob Downe’s new live show came to Brisbane recently. Performing to an audience who were obviously fans of Bob’s previous work he delivered a show that often referenced the macho, funk acts of the 70s. The theme of the show was Bob’s futile attempt to convince the audience that he’s actually straight as he performed a number of funk and disco hits.

Spinning Wheel was a highlight.

Others included ‘Leader of the gang’, ‘Billy don’t be a hero’ and ‘Dream a little dream of me’ as well as a medley of other great kitschy songs that Bob does so well. All accompanied by dance moves that are straight out of the Solid Gold Dancers’ choreography handbook. Very funny.

Bob was joined on stage by Brisbane drag queen Lidia Box for a duet of The Kinks classic Lola.

In a show that saw him on stage for around 90 minutes Bob delivered his usual mix of topical, observational humor and high camp gags. As you’d imagine, local conservative politicians didn’t escape unscathed.

We saw him on his first night in Brisbane, fresh from his stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and admittedly there were times when he grappled for the local references he’d planned especially for the Brissy audience. But no-one cared.

There’s a lot of genuine affection for the ‘prince of polyester’ and the format of his shows is a casual chat so it’s no big deal if things don’t quite go as planned.

The encore saw Mark Trevorrow doing a quick costume change on stage, morphing into a bitter, middle-aged lesbian character who delivered a great monologue. The show wrapped up with Bob reappearing to receive warm, well deserved applause.

A fun night full of energy and good humor.



Editors note:  Mark Trevorrow is an Australian comedian and very popular media personality.  His shows are very funny and never disappoint.  If you get the chance to catch his show, check it out!