I was lucky enough to see Bill Bailey’s latest show LIMBOLAND and all I can say is brilliant, from start to finish he had me laughing and everyone around me was the same.

Bill has a great way of talking about everyday things.

Using an example ‘a moment of happiness in your life’.  He tells the story of  keeping receipts for broken kettles and using it as a wild card at the store you bought it from. How he leads the sales person up the garden path so they know they have him … then he brings out the docket.

Bill’s candid style can pull apart and ‘rip shreds’ off the popular or latest fads . He highlights the crazy, popular fads of the moment (particularly in the music industry).

At the same time he manages to keep his audience hanging onto his words, totally entertained and laughing.

He’ll break into a deep southern American country gospel song on his unusual ‘steel sounding’ guitar while singing.  A very talented man!  Also he had other guitars and keyboards playing his version of ‘happy birthday’, Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ and Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ in German.. and more … 2 hours well spent.


Editors Note:  Bill Bailey, a British comedian – brilliant storyteller and great musician.  His quick wit and observational, offbeat style humor keep you wanting more.